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Last updated in September 2016.

Please view the College's graduate accommodation page here for up-to-date information room pricing, regulations, etc. It should be reviewed by all students living in College accommodation. If, however, you would like to ask any other questions or seek guidance, please contact the Vice President.

All incoming new graduate students, including those who have done their undergraduate degree at Oxford, and St John's graduate students beginning a new graduate course at St John's, have their rooms assigned directly by the College and are not part of the ballot until after they have completed one year of their graduate course. Note that in general, it is not possible to know your exact room as an incoming student until your arrival at College.

The room ballot happens in Trinity Term each year, potentially with a second ballot later in the summer if more rooms become available.

The Vice President is responsible for organising the ballot by which rooms are assigned to current graduate students.

The Vice President is responsible for assembling and distributing a room list and ranking of all entrants to the ballot in question no later than one week before the date of the ballot. The Vice President, on the advice of the President, interprets and applies the ballot rules in cases of ambiguity. Their decisions can only be overruled by a simple majority decision at a General Meeting.

The 2015 ballot rules are available for for reference here.

If you have any questions regarding the room ballot or College accommodation in general, please contact the Vice President.

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