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Marina Lambrakis
DPhil (Modern Greek)
The President has three main responsibilities - liaise with the College, liaise with the MCR Committee, liaise with the Student Body. The President attends all College Meetings (Decanal Policy, Domestic, Educational Policy, Equality, Garden, Governing Body, Joint Council, Library, Rents & Charges, Web, Welfare) to ensure that Graduate Students' views are expressed accordingly. The President runs the MCR General Meetings and oversees projects undertaken by Committee members. The President constantly communicates with students to field questions (College-related and otherwise) and encourage participation within the Common Room.

Eden Tanner
DPhil (Physical and Theoretical Chemistry)
Vice President
The Vice President's main duties are to organise the MCR Room Ballot in Trinity term, and the MCR Couples Ballot in Hilary Term. This involves liaising with the Domestic Office in order to allocate College rooms in accordance with the Room Ballot regulations. The Vice President also organises MCR meetings, compiles and distributes the agenda for these, and takes the minutes at the meetings. The Vice President also attends all College committee meetings with the MCR President. Lastly, the Vice President deals with some MCR correspondence, and acts as the MCR President in their absence.

Gauri Ang
DPhil (Ion Channels & Disease)
The Treasurer takes care of the smooth financing of the fabulous events organised by the MCR. The job involves a surprisingly small amount of simple book-keeping, writing out cheques following claims, and managing our bank account. Throughout the year, the treasurer simply keeps an eye on the spending, trying to balance the budget and hiding behind the President and Vice President when the need arisies to bully somebody into being more thrifty.

John-Mark Allen
DPhil (Computer Science)

Sarah Penington
DPhil (Statistics)

Ed Peveler
DPhil (Archaeology)
Cultural Secretaries
The Cultural Secretaries are responsible for administering the MCR's portfolio of newspaper and periodical subscriptions, for organising weekly movie nights, and for arranging miscellaneous cultural experiments: theatre trips, hip-hop nights, whatever takes their fancy.

Kieran Fitzpatrick
DPhil (History of Medicine and Public Health)

David Heaton
BCL/MPhil (Law)

Rita Nissim
DPhil (Physical and Theoretical Chemistry)
Social Secretaries
The role of a Social Secretary is very important to the fun side of graduate life in college! They are responsible for organising bops, exchange dinners, grad table and lots of other events including MCR Christmas Dinner, and quite a lot of the Freshers Week Social Events.

Max Emmerich
BM BCh (Clinical Medicine)

Steph Larcombe
DPhil (Neuroscience)

Pirada Trongwongsa
DPhil (Engineering Science)
The Victuallers are in charge of organizing the guest dinners, which includes: setting up a theme for the dinner, choosing the menu and the drinks, setting the lay out of the tables and the arrangement of the flowers, buying all decorations. They are also in charge of the pre and post dinner drinks, and all entertainment following the guest dinner. Victuallers are also responsible for organising the wine and cheese tasting events.

Lisa Choi
DPhil (Geography & the Environment)

Andreas Göbel
DPhil (Computer Science)

Stefano Ortona
DPhil (Computer Science)
Desserts&Pizza Officer
This is a really gourmet and glamorous treat. It will fulfill both culinary and artistic expression patterns. The Desserts Officer is responsible for fulfilling the dessert urge of the MCR which peaks two to three times a term. It is a fabulous opportunity to conjure up themes and experiment with new ideas. And very high on the list of MCR members. So if you are the creative type and like experimenting with colours, textures and flavours, this is your chance! This year, rather than only desserts, Andreas and Stefano will share their passion about pizza and will provide real home-made pizza nights, along with salads and desserts. If you have only tasted Domino's pizza so far in your life, this is an unique chance to understand how real pizza should melt in your mouth!

Paul Gerstmayr
DPhil (Oriental Studies)

Jon Templeman
DPhil (French)
Welfare Officer
The Welfare Officers are the first points of contact for information and advice on issues concerning health (both physical and mental) and well-being. Additionally, we provide various welfare supplies including condoms (of different types and sizes), lube, pregnancy tests and attack alarms; these are all provided discreetly, confidentially and completely free of charge to members of the MCR. We also lead a team of Peer Supporters, who have been trained in listening skills and confidentiality, and we run regular events with the aim of promoting the MCR's overall well-being. Part of our role also entails dealing with issues of equality (LGBTQ, disability, ethnic minorities, etc.) - together with other committee members in more specific welfare positions, such as Women's or LGBTQ Officer, and in liaison with our JCR counterparts - as well as academic affairs. Our job is to both represent and offer independent advice or support where needed. All enquiries are kept in the strictest confidence - please feel free to contact us at any time, no matter how trivial or serious the problem.

Shana Caro
DPhil (Zoology)
Women's Officer
The Women's Officer is responsible for representing MCR women's interests in MCR meetings and at Joint Council and Equality Committee. The Women's Officer is a point of contact for any women worried about gender discrimination or harrasment. The Women's Officer is also responsible for organising social events which bring together women from the JCR, MCR and SCR. In the past, these have included seminars, video nights, dinners and taking part in OUSU Women's Campaign events. The two big events are the annual Women's Dinner and Garden Party which are jointly organised with the JCR Women's Officer.

Thomas Preston
DPhil (Atomic & Laser Physics)
LGBTQ Officer
You can talk to LGBTQ officer about any LGBTQ-related issues, and he can also provide information about university-wide LGBTQ events. The LGBTQ officer is always happy to meet with you beforehand or go with you if you feel shy about turning up to any LGBTQ events on your own!

Nick Cooper
DPhil (Experimental Psychology)
Returning Officer
The Returning Officer organises elections and referenda, in particular the Committee elections in Hilary Term. The Returning Officer also attends OUSU Council, and feeds back news about the student union to the MCR.

MCR President
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