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Ed Love

My fifth year at St John's is also my first as a DPhil in Egyptology, and as President I'll be heading the MCR committee, chairing the MCR's General Meetings, and representing SJC MCR Members to College (on any issues and including Rents and Charges negotiations), to OUSU (at Council meetings), as well as to the wider University. I also collate and distribute a newsletter each week as well as moderate the Facebook group - both ways in which all members can be kept up to date with all the events laid on by the Committee, as well as events and opportunities at other Colleges and elsewhere in Oxford. As primarily a representative of MCR members, I’m always open to questions, comments, contributions, or criticisms - so do contact me with any suggestions or problems you may have. I'm glad to receive these via email, but also in person - not least because you'll often see me around College; in the MCR, Kendrew, or almost without fail in Hall at lunch!

Laura Grima

Vice President
I'm a third year D.Phil. student in Experimental Psychology, and as your Vice President this year I'm the person who organises and records OGMs, so if you have any motions you'd like to submit, send them to me. I also run the Room Ballot in Trinity Term, and I'm your point of contact if you have any issues in terms of discrimination or unequal treatment not covered by our minorities officers. When I'm not in the lab, you're likely to see me on the squash court or in the college bar!

Xue (Crystal) Jiao

I'm a second year D.Phil. candidate in Physical and Theoretical chemistry. As your Treasurer this year, I take care of the smooth financing of the events organised by the MCR. The job involves bookkeeping, writing out cheques following claims, and managing our bank account. I also keep an eye on the spending, maintain a balanced budget and assist with the Rents and Charges negotiations in Trinity Term.

Arkaprabha Chakraborty

Alix Hibble

Position Vacant
Social Secretaries (up to 3)
Hi, we're Arka and Alix, the Social Secretaries for the committee this year. The lushly bearded person is in the first year of his MPhil in Medieval English and the miniature blonde person is in the first year of her DPhil in Experimental Psychology. E-mail us if you want to make anything fun happen between two or more colleges, including exchange dinners, bar exchanges and our (in)famous BOPs. Yes, we hear you knocking about wine and cheese exchanges, you want to talk to the victuallers down below for that one. We're also really happy to hear ideas about fun things that we might do for our own graduate community as well and always welcome suggestions from your creative minds. Arka can be found playing FIFA by himself in the MCR or crying into a pint at the college bar. Alix can be found challenging newcomers at table football, or attempting to sample every flavour of G and T at said bar. Have a chat with us, either in person or over e-mail. We look forward to infecting all social events with our boundless enthusiasm. Let's do this!

Rose Hodgson

Luuk Metselaar

Janine Grey

Victuallers (up to 3)
I'm in my first year of a four year DPhil in Clinical Medicine, studying the genetic basis of human immunodeficiency syndromes. As a Victualler alongside Janine and Luuk, I am a third responsible for organising guest dinners each term as well as two wine and cheese (or alternative) tastings. If you have any questions or ideas for themes, tastings, etc let us know!

Anna Spearing-Ewyn

Joshua Calder-Travis

Samuel Kim

Welfare Officers (up to 3)
I am a second year DPhil in Chemistry and one of the three welfare officers. As part of this role, I can provide free sexual health supplies and sanitary products to MCR members - just ask! Along with the rest of the welfare team, I also help to run welfare events throughout the year, co-ordinate our team of First Responders and am available to offer advice and support, including signposting to different ares of the fantastic support network set-up across College and the entire University.

Position Vacant
Culture Officers (up to 2)
The Cultural Officers are responsible for administering the MCR's portfolio of newspaper and periodical subscriptions, for organising weekly film nights, and for arranging miscellaneous cultural experiments: theatre trips, hip-hop nights, whatever takes their fancy.

Position Vacant
Women's Officers (up to 2)
The Women's Officer is responsible for representing MCR women's interests in MCR meetings and at Joint Council and Equality Committee. The Women's Officer is a point of contact for any women worried about gender discrimination or harrasment. The Women's Officer is also responsible for organising social events which bring together women from the JCR, MCR and SCR. In the past, these have included seminars, video nights, dinners and taking part in OUSU Women's Campaign events. The two big events are the annual Women's Dinner and Garden Party which are jointly organised with the JCR Women's Officer.

Position Vacant
LGBTQ Officers (up to 2)
You can talk to LGBTQ officers about any LGBTQ-related issues, and they can also provide information about university-wide LGBTQ events. The LGBTQ officers are always happy to meet with you beforehand or go with you if you feel shy about turning up to any LGBTQ events on your own!

Phacharaphorn (Phacha) Phanomvan

Black and Minority Ethnic Students' Officers (up to 2)

Position Vacant
Disabled Students' Officers (up to 2)
The Disabled Students' Officers represent the interests of people who identify as being disabled within the MCR and to other bodies of College. They act as a point of contact for disabled students regarding discrimination and harassment on the grounds of disability, accessibility, and other issues such as welfare support. The Disabled Students' Officers also work with the JCR Disabled Representatives to organise cross-room revents.

Angelika Benz

Environment and Ethics Officers
I am a first year DPhil student in Experimental Psychology, and as your Environment and Ethics (EE) officer I talk to the College about how we can make St John’s a more environmentally friendly and ethical place. My role also involves organising events around EE-topics, including documentary screenings, talks, and workshops, and keeping you informed about all things EE happening across the University. If you have EE-ideas, know EE-documentaries and online resources, or have heard of relevant events that you think are worth advertising, please get in touch! When I am not studying the social psychology of intergroup relations, I am probably in the cinema or running across Port Meadow.

Position Vacant
International Students' Officer
The International Students' Officer represents the interests of international students within the MCR. TThe Officer acts as a point of contact for international students regarding various issues and also works with the JCR International Representatives to organise cross-room revents.

Johannes Wiesel

Sports Officer
I am a first year DPhil student in Applied Mathematics. As your Sports Officer I want to keep the MCR fit and healthy. In particular I take care of the MCR sports cupboard and organize occasional sports events. So if you have any sports-related questions or queries I am your person of contact.

Tunrayo Adeleke-Larodo

Returning Officer
I'm a first year DPhil student in Theoretical Physics and a nature enthusiast (see picture). As Returning Officer, I will be organising elections and referenda to the Committee (Please be in touch if you're interested in one of the unfilled positions!). I will also be representing the MCR at OUSU Council and reporting back on the activities of the student union to the MCR. 

MCR President
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