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This is a list of communication information for the MCR.

Joining the Mailing List

The MCR operates an email mailing list to keep members informed of news and events. All graduates should join the mailing list to receive MCR information. In order to receive MCR emails, you'll need to use a University email account (if you haven't yet got one, the College strongly recommends that you do so. Find your Bod Card and then go to Oxford University Computing Service (OUCS) to set one up). Note that you must use a computer on the University network to access the OUCS email registration service.

To subscribe, e-mail:
To unsubscribe, e-mail:
For additional commands, e-mail:
To contact the list manager, email:

Facebook Group

All SJC MCR members are invited to join the SJC MCR Facebook group. You can use this group to find out about events, announce details of your own events, advertise items that you own, ask questions, or circulate information that you think would be specifically useful to MCR members.

If you are an incoming graduate student at St John's, join the SJC MCR Freshers Facebook group (will be launched for 2013 nearer to the start of the year).

Contact Email Addresses

If you have a question about the MCR, contact the President.
If you want to contact a member of the Committee, you can find their email address on the Committee page.

Publishing to the Mailing List

There is a weekly newsletter during term published to all members by the President. If you have a notice that you wish to publicise on the mailing list, email the President at least a week before the event. You should type the text as you wish it to be published in plaintext (without formatting), preferably as one paragraph, and without images or attachments. Notices should be directly relevant to members.

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