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Decisions for the MCR are made through the Committee and General Meetings. Their powers are determined by the Constitution.

General Meetings

One of the most important functions of General Meetings is to discuss and vote on motions brought by members. These motions concern the way we administer the affairs of the MCR, and spend its budget. By depending on full meetings of our members, and asking that ideas be presented as formal motions for a vote, we ensure that the MCR remains an accountable and accessible body, serving the interests of all its members. It is in the interests of all members to attend meetings and have their say. Motions usually fall into one of the categories below, although they can concern any item of MCR policy or expenditure. If you are interested in submitting a motion for discussion in an OGM, please click on one of the links below for drafting guidance.

  • Expenditure Motion - A suggestion for spending some of the MCR's money on an acquisition or event.
  • Constitutional Motion - A suggestion for changing an aspect of the way in which the MCR regulates itself and conducts its business.
  • General Motion - Anything else you can think of; often a good way of finding out what the MCR thinks about a certain problem or opportunity.


The Constitution determines the powers of the Membership and the Committee. You can find the latest version of the Constitution below.

Committee Elections

Elections for the Committee positions are held during Hilary term each year. The elections are organised and monitored by the Returning Officer, and information about elections will be circulated on the Mailing List. Officer positions may filled by appointment by the Committee subject to ratification at a General Meeting.

Committee Forms

  • For committee members who wish to claim back expenses for running events, here's the Expenses Claim Form.

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