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The MCR organises many events throughout the year for its members. Many of them are heavily subsidised or free. Details of all MCR events are publicised through the MCR mailing list and the MCR Facebook group (details can be found in the Contacts section of the website). Here are some of the events that we organise.

Types of Event

The Oxford word for ‘a party held in a College’. There is a DJ and a bar and MCR members can enter the bop for free. Each bop has a theme for the decorations and we encourage you to come dressed in some way linked to the theme (although there is no expectation for you to do so). We hold two bops each term. They are organised by the Social Secretary.
Cultural Trip
Day trips out walking, cycling or visiting interesting sights; evenings out to the cinema, theatre, opera, and concerts. Please talk to an MCR Committee member if you want to suggest a trip. They are organised by the Cultural Secretary.
Desserts Night
A huge selection of different cakes, desserts, and other sweet things are provided on these nights. They are organised by the Desserts Officer.
Exchange Dinner
A swap of Formal Hall dinners with another College. They host us one week and then we host them another week. Includes pre-drinks and post-drinks. Places are usually limited so sign-up quickly when they are announced. They are organised by the Social Secretary.
Garden Party
A (hopefully) sunny afternoon party in Trinity Term in the St Giles House.
Guest Dinner
Black tie, formal dinners held twice a term. You can invite a guest or guests if you like, but even if you don’t have a guest you should come along anyway for a fun dinner with your College friends. Pre-dinner drinks start the evening, and post-dinner entertainment finishes it. The cost usually varies from about £20 to £25 per person. They are organised by the Victualler.
Welfare Brunch/Tea
Welfare brunches and teas are a great way to catch up with other graduates over some free food and drink. The Welfare Officers and Peer Supporters also attend if you want to talk to someone. They are organised by the Welfare Officers.
Wine and Cheese Tasting
At least once a term the MCR and the SCR have a joint wine and cheese tasting, with very nice wines (directly from the College’s wine cellar) and a selection of cheeses. These are very popular, so sign up as soon as you see the advertisement come around by email. They are organised by the Cultural Secretary.

Guest Policy

The guest policy varies for each event. If you wish to invite guests, contact the Committee member organising the event.

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