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This is the section for all new graduate students starting in 2016 at St John's College, Oxford.

If you have any questions about the MCR or college in general, feel free to contact the MCR President, Kat.

We also invite all freshers to visit the College webpage for graduate freshers by clicking here, which has documents and information regarding medical registration, important dates, accommodation, and food. A schedule of MCR events during fresher week can be found below. This schedule is subject to change, but should be pretty close! There will be a final schedule in your pidge before the start of fresher week, and any updates will be shared on the Fresher Facebook page.

2016 Fresher Information


A full schedule of events organised by the MCR committee for new graduate students joining us in October 2016.
PDF, 101kb, 18-09-16
If you have a question about starting life at St John's or in Oxford, email this address.
The MCR Calendar. This calendar will be updated to include the Fresher Week events as soon as they are finalised.
Join our Facebook group to meet other new graduates, post questions and receive notifications of events.


A quick start guide for new graduate students with the most important information to starting life at St John's and in Oxford.
PDF, 513kb, 27-05-16
Our comprehensive guide to St John's, the MCR, the University of Oxford and life in Oxford.
PDF, 863kb, 27-05-16
A guide to sports and societies at St John's.
PDF, 130kb, 27-05-16


Use this to find your way around the college. Note, in particular, where the MCR building is.
Use this to find your way around the college.
Use this to find where graduate accommodation is.
Use this to find your way to the college.
Use this to find your way around Oxford.

College Information

Comprehensive information and forms from the College.
Information about rent and room arrangements in College.

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