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Constitutional Motion

The MCR Constitution is the framework within which we manage our affairs and spend our budget. If it is felt that new needs have arisen which are beyond the scope of the current constitution, it is possible to make amendments. Recent examples include the succesful addition of a Freshers' Week Committee to manage events in 0th week of Michaelmas term. It would also be possible to propose changes to the division of the MCR's budget. Voting these changes through at a full meeting means that the MCR remains an accountable, representative body.

If you have an idea for an constitutional motion, you should discuss it in advance with the President and Vice President. Changes made in this way are quite weighty undertakings, and we'll need to discuss your proposals before suggesting the best way to proceed. If you're intent on tabling a constitutional motion, you should draft it as follows and submit it to the Vice President well in advance of an Ordinary General Meeting.

Your motion will then be included in the agenda paper and given a full discussion at the meeting; amendments may be added to it, and then a vote will be taken. Votes of an Ordinary General Meeting of the MCR are considered binding commitments.

Example of a constitutional motion: The "New X Officer" Motion

Motion Title:

    The New X Officer Motion


    Proposed: John Smith

    Seconded: Mary Jones

    You'll need a proposer and seconder to speak for the motion in the meeting.


    This MCR notes:

    1. There is a large and growing demand in the MCR for events featuring X.
    2. The MCR currently has no Officer in charge of organising X, which means that X events are currently ad hoc, poorly publicised and underfunded occasions.
    3. The creation of an X Officer, responsible to the President and Committee and mandated to fulfil functions Y and Z, would therefore be a useful addition to the MCR Committee.

    Introductory notes setting out the nature of the change you're proposing. This is sometimes referred to as the motion's "Scope and Purpose" - its raison d'être. The more information you can provide, the better: the MCR usually prefers to make well-informed decisions.

Motion Statement

    This MCR therefore resolves to:

    1. Create the position of X Officer, to be added to the Committee list and filled by election following a hustings as per the MCR Constitution.
    2. Review the success of this arrangement at the end of the year

    What you're proposing that we should do, and how we should do it. Any follow-up issues?

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