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Expenditure Motions

This is the most common sort of MCR motion. The MCR receives a generous annual budget from the College, much of which is spent on our regular events - desserts, bops, desserts - or on charitable donations. Plenty is left over for allocation to one-off expenditure, though. In recent years we've bought a pool table and a new television, as well as many smaller items.

If you have an idea for an expenditure motion, you should draft it as follows and submit it to the Vice President well in advance of an Ordinary General Meeting.

Your motion will then be included in the agenda paper and given a full discussion at the meeting; amendments may be added to it, and then a vote will be taken. Votes of an Ordinary General Meeting of the MCR are considered binding commitments.

Example of an expenditure motion: "The Buy A New Coffee Machine"

Motion Title:

    Buy A New Coffee Machine


    Proposed: John Smith

    Seconded: Mary Jones

    You'll need a proposer and seconder to speak for the motion in the meeting.


    This MCR notes:

    1. Many people drink coffee
    2. The MCR currently has poor coffee making facilities. We feel that a machine capable of making Espresso and Cappucino as well as filter coffee would be well used by members, attracting more people to the MCR.
    3. A "Deluxe Coffee Maker Mk. III" can be purchased in Boswells for £65.00. This represents the best available balance between purchase cost and functionality.

    Introductory notes setting out why we need what you're proposing we buy. This is sometimes referred to as the motion's "Scope and Purpose" - its raison d'être

    You'll also need to show you've thought in detail about the exact cost.

Motion Statement

    This MCR therefore resolves to:

    Purchase a new "Deluxe Coffee Maker Mk. III" from Boswells and install it in the MCR Kitchen for use by members.

    What you're proposing that we should do. Review usage and ongoing costs at the end of next term. Any follow up issues?

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