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General Motion

Sometimes members wish to bring motions which don't fall under the other categories (expenditure, charity, constitutional). These can be anything which you feel is relevant to the life of the MCR - a change to the sort of events we hold, a suggestion that we write a letter to complain about or praise something, a reaction to some decision that the College has made; anything you like, provided you think it's worthy of the consideration of the meeting.

If you have an idea for a general motion, you should draft it as follows and submit it to the Vice President well in advance of an Ordinary General Meeting.

Your motion will then be included in the agenda paper and given a full discussion at the meeting; amendments may be added to it, and then a vote will be taken. Votes of an Ordinary General Meeting of the MCR are considered binding commitments.

Example of an general motion: "Front Quad Redevelopment Response"

Motion Title:

    Front Quad Redevelopment Response


    Proposed: John Smith

    Seconded: Mary Jones

    You'll need a proposer and seconder to speak for the motion in the meeting.


    This MCR notes:

    1. That the last meeting of the College's Governing Body resolved to re-develop the College's Front Quad. into a small zoo, with lion and hippo enclosures.
    2. That the MCR has grave concerns about the practicality and convenience of such a plan.

    Introductory notes setting out what the charity does and what any MCR donation will be spent on. This is sometimes referred to as the motion's "Scope and Purpose" - its raison d'être.

    The more information you can provide, the better: the 'MCR usually prefers to make well-informed decisions. You'll also need to show you've thought in detail about the exact sum you're asking for.

Motion Statement

    This MCR therefore resolves to:

    1. Mandate the MCR President to write to the College President, stating the MCR's firmly held opposition to the plan, and to ask for a response at the next Domestic Committee.
    2. Review the outcome at the next full meeting of the MCR.

    What you're proposing that we should do. Any follow up issues?

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