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If you are a graduate student starting in 2016, please click the Freshers link on the menu bar for information

This is the website of the graduate student community at St John's College, Oxford.

While the MCR historically refers to a place (the Middle Common Room), it is the name we give to a student community. We are the body of graduate students at St John's College, a group that organises events, provides services, and represents graduates, to support all our members. The MCR is complemented by the Senior Common Room (for academics) and the Junior Common Room, (for undergraduates) and all three together form the body of College members.

MCR life is filled with a variety of events, such as cinema trips, musicals in London, welfare teas, barbeques, bops, guest dinners, cocktail parties, and many more. These events are organised by the MCR Committee, whose details you can find on our 'Committee' page.

We run our own building as well (confusingly also called MCR). The MCR Building has a large main room, computer room, a large kitchen, a games room, a meeting room, and a TV room. The MCR is a great place have a break from work, reading our collection of newspapers or periodicals, together with a cup of tea or coffee, or simply a place to hang out and meet other graduates.

We represent graduates on a College level, promoting graduate interests to get the best possible standards of living here in the College. We also provide welfare services, provide information about life in College and Oxford, and organise accommodation for graduates after their first year.

If you are joining us as a new graduate student in October, please click the Freshers link at the top of this page for information.

To every MCR member, I hope that you enjoy your time as part of our MCR.


Ed Love, MCR President

MCR President
St John's College
St Giles, Oxford, OX1 3JP
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